DFG SPP 2378

DFG Priority Programme “Resilience in Connected Worlds – Mastering Failures, Overload, Attacks, and the Unexpected (Resilient Worlds)”

Accepted Projects

  • Automated Resilience Verification and Resilience by Design

    Boche, Holger and Schaefer, Rafael

  • NIC-Level Co-Processors for Resilient Coded Networking and Computation

    Carle, Georg and Herkersdorf, Andreas

  • ResCTC: Resilience through Cross-Technology Communication

    Dressler, Falko and Wunder, Gerhard and Zubow, Anatolij

  • One Code to Rule Them All: A Coding-Based Solution for Resilient Future Communication Networks

    Fitzek, Frank Hanns Paul

  • Collective Resilient Unattended Smart Things (CRUST)

    Förster, Anna and Hollick, Matthias

  • Resilient Power-Constrained Embedded Communication Terminals (ResPECT)

    Herfet, Thorsten and Schröder-Preikschat, Wolfgang

  • ReNO: Resilient Integration of Machine Learning for Enhanced Network Operation

    Hohlfeld, Oliver and Schmid, Stefan

  • Resilience meets secure networked control

    Jager, Tibor and Schulze Darup, Moritz

  • Resilience by multi-connectivity network design in industrial IoT environments

    Jorswieck, Eduard Axel and Wolf, Lars Christian

  • Resilient Safety-Critical Systems through Run-time Risk Assessment, Isolation, and Recovery (RESURREC)

    Katzenbeisser, Stefan and Krauß, Christoph

  • Multi-Agent Reinforcement Learning Framework towards Automotive Resiliency and Survivability of Mission-Critical Networks against Volatile Resource Flow

    Maghsudi, Setareh

  • Resilient Communication with Programmable Hardware

    Menth, Michael

  • Coordination Funds

    Dressler, Falko