First Resilient Worlds research school

This week, we held our first research school on “Collaboration & Communication for Future Resilient Networks”!

As recently announced, we held our first Resilience Worlds research school in w3.hub, Berlin! For two days, 18 early career researchers from several universities teamed up to share their research goals and to explore common research directions. Then, they collaborated to propose new research projects for next-generation resilient networks.

We organized our first school with the participation of the Resilient Worlds team.

This was an intense but joyful journey, from brainstorming new research ideas to presenting, discussing, and eventually structuring better-planned research proposals. Luckily, we had several experts to help us during the journey! First, Dr. Egemen Cetinkaya gave a great talk to decode several fundamental resilience aspects and principles - from fault tolerance to diversity or survivability to security. This provided us an invaluable understanding for setting our resilience goals correctly and designing potential mechanisms to reach them.

We had worked both altogether and in small groups to discuss and polish our research ideas.

Aslihan Bener herself gave a great example of an engaging talk in place while she taught us how to make compelling presentations! From storytelling to breath and gesture exercises, we all found a chance to practice effective presentation techniques while pitching our new research ideas. Lastly, Dr. Carine Marxer talked about six different aspects of planning and managing research projects to support us in finalizing our proposals. It was a great reminder to (re)plan our objectives towards particular research goals, considering potential risks and other stakeholders.

A well-deserved celebration!

Finally, we listened, learned, focused, and discussed a lot - and most importantly, we took the first step to get to know each other and collaborate. At the end of the day, it was something great to be celebrated with a few drinks!

Hope to see everyone working towards future resilient worlds at our next event very soon!